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Dynamic Action Model

The next generation AI enabled Human-Machine Interface

Automate Computing Tasks

With identical human operator inputs and outputs, DAM empowers AI models to analyze screen content and determine a sequence of mouse and keyboard actions necessary to achieve a specific goal.


Interacts with the user through prompts, guiding actions and responses.

Learning While Working

Continuously learns and improves its performance based on user interactions and outcomes.

Works On Any Software

Compatible with a wide range of software applications without requiring specific adaptations.

Automating workflows

Streamlines and accelerates processes by autonomously executing tasks and actions within workflows.


Pre-Trained On Interfaces

Equipped with prior training on various user interfaces, enhancing adaptability and efficiency.

OneBrain UI Vision Model

Model trained of UI screens to efficiently understand & excute commands based on the understanding

Meta Llama 3

Open sourced model spcifically fine tuned to understand the DAM requirements & execute based on that.