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Robots Redefining Our World, One Task at a Time.

Robots are revolutionizing our lifestyles and workplaces, impacting everything from manufacturing and industrial processes to household chores like cleaning and cooking, and even enhancing public safety through security inspections.

Inventory monitoring

Enhance inventory monitoring efficiency by deploying robots for aisle and shelf traversal.

Human-robot Interaction

Develop robots capable of seamless human interaction, interpreting cues such as gestures, distracted body language, and even walking alongside humans.

Safety hazard detection

Autonomously identify safety hazards, including spills, falls, and medical emergencies, while also patrolling buildings to detect security incidents like weapons, perimeter breaches, and unauthorized entry.

Tailored Data to Your Specifications

Create robotics datasets that precisely align with your requirements. Choose object, scene, and human-robot interaction distributions, and utilize LafzUSA to define the critical specs while randomizing the rest.

Exquisite Labeling in Every Frame

Every video includes meticulously detailed pixel-perfect labels, encompassing depth maps, camera matrices, lens parameters, scene metadata (including robot speed), activity labels, cuboids, segmentation masks, and a wealth of additional information

Simulate Any Robot with Multi-Camera Video Synthesis

Effortlessly create synchronized videos from various camera setups. Customize the number of cameras, their lens types, and positions to meet your simulation needs.

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