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Warehouse Safety

Safety First: Protecting Workers, Preserving Profits

Among the most hazardous sectors for workers, warehouses, construction sites, and factories stand out. Globally, workplace injuries result in a staggering annual cost of $250 billion

PPE Detection

Automatically detect whether workers lack essential PPE items such as hard hats or safety vests.

Spills Detection

Develop AI models for real-time detection of potentially dangerous spills and immediate notification of cleanup teams.

Ergonomics Monitoring

Assess whether workers are using proper or improper lifting techniques and offer guidance to prevent injuries.

Transport Monitoring

Monitor vehicle speed and continuously track their real-time locations.

Falls Detection

Identify falls and promptly dispatch assistance to the individual in need.

Inventory Control

Utilize computer vision for automated warehouse inventory monitoring.

Tailor-Made Data for Your Needs

Rare events are indeed hard to come by. Safety-related incidents such as falls, PPE shortages, spills, or speeding vehicles can be elusive in real-world datasets. Now, effortlessly generate rare data with just a click using LafzUSA.

Precision in Every Frame

Each synthetic video comes complete with meticulous pixel-perfect labels, encompassing 2D/3D keypoints, bounding boxes, cuboids, segmentation masks, depth, activity classes, and an array of other essential data.

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